2 days / 8 workshops
Great practical experiences!

2017, May 3-4
Room 2

Day 1

09:00 EET
Workshop 102

Simple strategies to mobilize your teams



Engagement of employees could make the difference between an extremely successful business and a below average business. Take with you easy to apply practices.

Knowing your employees, earning the right to lead, focusing on their values, gifts and skills, clarity in roles and objectives are only a few of the very key attitudes of good leadership. While we can find a few examples of outstanding leadership, we have all discovered and experienced too many instances where executives don’t focus enough on how to engage and develop their employees. This workshop will give you a very practical, simple yet complex strategy on how to develop better and more performant relations, teams and individuals at work and outside. It is a tool you can take away and apply it the very next day, together with your teams.





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