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2017, May 3-4
Room 1

Day 1

09:00 EET
Workshop 101

Income/Outcome ® Simulation



Income/Outcome® is designed and developed by Andromeda Inc (USA)

Financial skills are fundamental to any managerial position.

You are a manager – can you demonstrate your team value in euros and cents?

Income/Outcome® is…

… a simulation which stimulates an increasing business understanding for managers and their teams.

… a board game where learners become highly-powered executives, teams become corporate giants and the classroom becomes a cut-throat industry.

… an effective tool for building leadership competencies.

… a tool for building and sharing a common language.  After all, Finance is the language of business.

…an intense competition where people learn because they want to win.

… a tool to overcome Fear of Finance.

… a Visual Finance learning methodology.

“A picture is worth 1000 numbers”

The simulation  presents the same information as the financial statements, but it does it graphically – using color, placement and volume to create meaning. The relationships are made easy to understand and assess at a glance.

The Income/Outcome® simulation board defines the basic financial statements and the connections between them.

Long after the classroom session is finished, employees continue to use this visual as a matrix for organizing and expressing ideas.

Expand your financial understanding… and your career opportunities!






Workshop powered by Evolutiv




Workshop powered by Evolutiv