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2017, May 03-04


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Workshop 101

Income|Outcome – Business Simulation

The simulation presents the same information as the financial statements, but it does it graphically – using color, placement and volume to create meaning. The relationships are made easy to understand and assess at a glance.
The Income/Outcome® simulation board defines the basic financial statements and the connections between them.
Long after the classroom session is finished, employees continue to use this visual as a matrix for organizing and expressing ideas.

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Workshop 102

Simple strategies to mobilize your teams

A very practical, simple yet complex strategy on how to develop better and more performant relations, teams and individuals at work and outside. It is a tool you can take away and apply it the very next day, together with your teams.

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Workshop 103

Leading change

Individuals, teams and companies exprience change at a faster pace than ever before. „The only constant is change” is already overused in corporate enviroment and the stakeholders involved with change are turning burn out.
During Leading Change workshop the participants will learn how to diagnose „change events”. We will examine the driving and restraining forces that support or inhibit successfull implementation of change.

Participants will learn and practice how to communicate their vision about the future to involved stakeholders, and create an image about the post change organisation.

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Workshop 104

Systemic Coaching to turn off the “games“ people play

Systemic Coaching framework reveals strategic interactions between people in the team, or more complex, the interfaces between teams in a organizational system.

As a leader. you need to be aware of the personal and professional manipulation strategies, hidden agendas or political power play and to turn them all into positive outputs.

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Workshop 201

Leadership is dead – how to grow true influence

Authority to lead is given to you by those below you, not above you. Begin to maximise your connectivity and influence with all those around you

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Workshop 202

Blue Leadership Skills – Leadership Practice Session

Take away leadership lessons combined with Blue Ocean strategy principles

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by Evolutiv


Talent development/ human resource development, team development and succession planning
Systemic effects of decisions (team member – total team – organization)
Staff appraisals (feedback, development, severance discussions etc.), motivation, team structures (indicators) etc.

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Workshop 204

The new way of leadership

Disruptive leadership might seem like a strange concept, since leaders have always been called on to help people work collectively toward the same, pre-defined goals.
To “disrupt”, especially within the tech industry, has been a trending term in the last few years. At its most basic level, the term means is to change the way people think, or the way things are done, usually in a business setting. Disruption can destroy or change existing markets by producing a better alternative to existing products or services, and it can even change the face of entire industries. Innovation is closely linked to disruption, but they are not the same thing. Startups are disrupting industries, innovative minds are disrupting the way we do things, and nearly everyone agrees that well-executed disruption is a good thing.

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Two days, two focus points (Leadership without a title and Disruptive leadership).
8 workshops (4 in the first day, 4 in the second day).
At least 5 speakers in each day.

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