Booking is possible via our website

Provisional bookings made by telephone should be confirmed in writing or by email   Provisional bookings will only be held for a period of 20 days from the date of booking.   If there is a cancellation for any reason, our charges are as stated below.
<h3>Personal data</h3>
summIT Romania (Organizer – joint effort of Business Without Borders and Nouveaux SRL) does not retain or share your personal data. We do not share with 3rd party names, email address or phone numbers. All requested data are used to communicate with the participants and to issue the bills to the  participants.

Each company which buys bulk tickets will remit the names of the participants.

Conference Programme

The programme of the conference can be changed due to availability of the speakers without the right of the participants to ask for refunds. If the number of speakers which decline exceeds 6, the participants are allowed to ask for partial refunds.


The following scale of charges applies if the conference is cancelled or if the participants notify in time


22 – 40 days                                        –        10% of the charge

8 – 21 days                                           –        50% of the charge

7 – days                                                 –        75% of the charge

Less than 1 week notice                 –        100% of the daily charge per anticipated delegate
<h3><strong>Settlement of Accounts</strong></h3>
The tickets bought by individuals are not subject of VAT. Please specify this in your order.

For the tickets bought by companies, VAT is applied  (19%).

Payment terms are 5 days net after the date of invoice.
<h3><strong>Force Majeure</strong></h3>
summIT Romania accepts bookings on the understanding that if it cannot meet its obligations because of circumstances beyond its control it  will not be held liable for loss suffered either by the body making the booking or any other third party.

<strong>Please note: </strong> We do not accept bookings where any of the participants are under the age of  18 years or if the participants to not have any connection with IT industry.