“Inspirational Leadership is OUT.
Conspirational change is IN!“

May 03-04
Executive & Team Coach Associate Certified Coach by ICF

Felicia Stoica

Accelerated Learning Senior Trainer

What Felicia believes in

I believe in values based education, in people and their success, in changing perspective, positive thinking and self discipline.
I’m passionate about neuroscience and learning processes. motivation, organizational “games” and coaching.

My energy is dedicated to exploring the organizational cultures, I create a safe space for development and I facilitate experience for my clients within an open process, flexible and also responsible, sincere and non-directive.

I’m focused on results and performance, so my clients can (re)discover their motivation, potential, the place and the sense in everything they do.

I accompany people to achieve objectives and to be proud of their achievements.

Felicia’s background
She is working with people & organizations since 2001, in the framework of changes, transitions, conflicts or growth and I have a nice feeling of contribution.

I’ve gained experiences as: Entrepreneur, Life&Business Coach, Senior trainer at an international level, HR Consultant&Strategic developer, Project Manager, Adlerian Psychotherapist, Professional competencies Assessor

Her expertise areas:
1. Design and delivering training programs – for execution, middle & top management teams using Accelerated Learning Methodology, LegoSeriuos Play and coaching instruments for excellent results.

2. Systemic Professional Coaching – team coaching, group coaching and 1 to 1 coaching sessions for personal or professional aspirations.

3. Facilitation Sessions for strategic issues, meetings or Team Building projects through creative tools and methods.

Day 1

Systemic Coaching to turn off the “games“ people play

Moderator Workshops @ 09:00


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