“Inspirational Leadership is OUT.
Conspirational change is IN!“

May 03-04
Senior Consultant at Evolutiv Consultants Network.

Delia Andrieș

Delia is Senior Consultant at Evolutiv Consultants Network.

Starting as a computing engineer (licensed at Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering -Iasi), Delia turned into trainer and tutor, for more than 10 years, with Open University Business School from United Kingdom.

With a strong focus on topics like management, leadership and coaching, Delia is certified by Corporate CoachU (USA), ITOL (UK) and MBTI (UK) and covers, after more than 20 years in adult managerial learning, areas apparently incompatible: coaching and financial management.

The tipping point are people – when they understand what is behind their work and effort, when they understand ”the figures” and ROI, most of them change their mentality. And changing mentality means changing attitude, behaviour, organization.

Changing the country.

Step by step, person by person.

Day 1


Moderator Workshop @ 09:00


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