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22nd – 23rd of February 2018

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First time in Moldova

Unique mix of learning opportunities

We invite you to the 3rd edition of summ-IT conference!
Join the leadership conspiration!
summ-IT addresses managers and leaders in IT&C area. After 2 successful events in Iasi, we extend the network to Chisinau looking for inspiration and partnerships. summ-IT offers the opportunities to be in part of cutting edge workshops and access to high value speeches of personalities from Moldova, Romania, France, Germany and Macedonia.

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1 conference, 8 speakers, 2 key note speakers
6 cutting edge workshops
1 business masterclass

Our belief


According to Hoefstede, Romania has a high index in avoiding uncertainty and a high distance to the power. Having an index of 90 for the Power Distance “means that people accept a hierarchical order in which everybody has a place and which needs no further justification. Hierarchy in an organization is seen as reflecting inherent inequalities, centralization is popular, subordinates expect to be told what to do and the ideal boss is a benevolent autocrat“*. On the other hand, a similar high index in the “Uncertainty Avoidance ” shows that there is an emotional need for rules (even if the rules never seem to work) time is money, people have an inner urge to be busy and work hard, precision and punctuality are the norm, innovation may be resisted, security is an important element in iShare your ideas, support the others, create a culture of trust and collaboration. Leadership does not need a title. It needs ACTION! Disrupt your business, disrupt your activity, make the most of your time and experience! Inspirational management is outdated. Conspirational change is the new way. Start moving ideas! Start moving people!

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Intrigued of being part of Leadership Conspiration?

summ-IT brings toghether valuable speakers from different parts of the world. Two categories of speeches are prepared. One is offered by managers and entrepreneurs that create differences in IT&C area. The second category is sustained by speakers that create premium services for IT&C area.

Do you enjoy experiencing the latest practical concepts in management?

We organize 3 workshops in parallel so you have to choose the one that ”speaks” to you the most. All our invited moderators have dozens of years of international business practice. For one half of the day they will bring you closer to their broad perspective. And adapt it to local topics identified by the participants.

Are you a fan of sharing vision on leadership practices?

We are aware of the minimal time that all of us have in order to exchange ideas with our colleagues from same industries. That is why we created several networking opportunities. And of course dedicated space for Q&A with speakers and other participants.