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2017, May 3-4


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  • Get your ticket
  • Cheaper by the dozen?
Get your ticket

In order to buy a ticket to our conference, you can buy it directly from the site or get it from your company.

There are two ways your company can buy the tickets:

  • Group ticket with multiple access possible
  • Set of single tickets for orders less than 5 tickets

We are a paperless event, therefore we will email your ticket. Please be sure that you bring with you an ID and PDF version of your ticket.

Cheaper by the dozen?

We are offering three types of discounts

Really EARLY BIRD – buy your ticket until 15th of March 2017!

20 -50 EUR discounts!

EARLY BIRD – buy your ticket until 3rd of April 2017!

15 – 45 EUR discounts!

GROUP discount – buy at least 3 tickets and get better prices – Use “GROUP3+” coupon to get 10% discount and “GROUP5+” to get 12.5% discount

STRATEGIC discount – buy 15 or more tickets and get excellent prices

  • Focus Talks
  • Networking breaks
  • Meet the speakers
  • The coaching package
Focus Talks

Each day, we have a Focus Point, opened by a keynote speaker, followed by Focus Talks (4 speakers with different perspectives, experiences, cultural background), ending with another keynote speaker.

The Focus Talks include 4 speeches of 30-40 minutes each, with 5 minutes of the allotted time dedicated to questions and answers. Use the twitter #summit2017iasi to address your questions.

Networking breaks

Each day, during the focus talks, we have a networking break, where you can meet and talk with our speakers on the dedicated Rally Points. A rally points is a small table, with a little flag and the name of the speaker.

30 minutes of the break are dedicated to small talks, questions or comments with our guests.

Meet the speakers

You can meet our speakers during the networking breaks, as well as during the VIP dinner. If you would like to have a more interactive interaction with the speakers, do not hesitate to buy GROW tickets that facilitate the access to the dinner.

The coaching package

When buying GROW or LEARN+ tickets, you will get access to a coaching session (30 minutes or 45 minutes).

In orders to make the most of the coaching session, please write your objective to the coach prior to the session.



Important notes

a couple of short information about the conference and of conduct.

Session guidelines

The keynote talks are planned to be about 60 minutes long.
The focus talks are planned to be for about 30-40 minutes.
5-10 minutes time slot is planned for questions and answers. You are kindly asked to route your questions via twitter as well.


The coaching session will take place on the phone or face to face after the conference, in the next 60 days, depending on the availability.
Before kicking the session, each of the participants will state his objective towards the coach.

Audiovisual Policy

Please do not record the speeches and make photos without the permission of the speakers and organizers.
Most of the speeches are recorded and shared afterwards.

Code of Conduct

Please note that we appreciate to be in time for the workshops and conference plenum.