“Inspirational Leadership is OUT.
Conspirational change is IN!“

May 03-04
Senior trainer. Business consultant. CEO @Evolutiv Consultants Network

Gigi Andrieş

In 1994, being already hardware engineer (licensed at Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology – Iasi) and manager of a team, Gigi had the contact with the programs of the Open University Business School, with new theories and tools for the Romanian market.

What he discovered by learning to become bettter, he wanted to share with others, therefore becoming tutor for the first generations of entrepreneurs and managers after ’89.

He later became trainer for different management programs. In 2005, took over the lead of the Training Business Unit of the largest training and consultancy company in Romania – Codecs, while in 2009 started, with other colleagues who share same values, his  own training company.

With more than 10.000 hours as a trainer for managers at all levels, Gigi enjoys the most the fact he contributed to the transformation and growing of organizations, increasing business performance  and personal development.

He is convinced that people want to learn, to test their limits, to play in the winning teams and his mission is to accompany these beautiful people.

Gigi takes his energy, balance and motivation from the quality time spent with the 2 children and his wife.

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