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Coaching for peak performance – partnership with ICF

April 15, 2017 by gabi0

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In today’s fast pacing growth of IT industry, we are equipped well to succeed, yet sometimes we cannot reach our peak performance level. Sometimes, we need to learn. Not from our mistakes, but from scholars, trainers, more experienced people.

Sometimes we need a a trustful adviser that show us how to manage tricky things, complex situations. Something like an elder brother.

Sometimes we would reach the results, but we are stuck in a situation / paradigm / frame of reference. A companion, someone who could show us the mirror or use the right light in this situation would help a lot.  A coach could be of real help in this cases.

We, at summ-IT, believe that coaching could be a solution to reach peak performance, therefore we have established a partnership with ICF Romania to offer coaching in our packages and to promote one of the possibilities used by extremely successful executives.

meet the

ICF Coaches

Master Certified Coach Trainer

Daiana Stoicescu


I love to be part of the coaching community!

I help people get to their next level in a very simple manner. As a result, people acquire more self-awareness and discover their desires and needs.
I follow a clear structure, but, at the same time, I am also very flexible.
My goal is to help you add more value to your world than you have ever dreamed possible, by means of offering you tools you can immediately use to improve your business and life.

Associated Certified Coach

Mihai Stoica


Mihai lucreaza in proiecte pentru dezvoltarea oamenilor din organizatie, din anul 2002, si este unul dintre cofondatorii companiei HUMANS, in 2008. Membru al ICF din anul 2014, format in scoala Metasysteme Coaching in anul 2014, lucreaza in prezent pe proiecte de business cu companii client nationale si multinationale, domeniul sau de expertiza fiind coaching-ul de echipa.

Associated Certified Coach

Felicia Stoica


What I believe in
I believe in values based education, in people and their success, in changing perspective, positive thinking and self discipline.
I’m passionate about neuroscience and learning processes. motivation, organizational “games” and coaching.

How do I work
My energy is dedicated to exploring the organizational cultures, I create a safe space for development and I facilitate experience for my clients within an open process, flexible and also responsible, sincere and non-directive.

I’m focused on results and performance, so my clients can (re)discover their motivation, potential, the place and the sense in everything they do.

I accompany people to achieve objectives and to be proud of their achievements.

Executive Coach

Irina Miu, PhD


Irina has been facilitating, training and coaching for the past 12 years and has enabled the development of more than 4500 people from both the private and public sectors in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

With a PhD in “Creating and Developing an Organization through Coaching”, she is passionate about continuous development through refreshing approaches.

Irina has developed the Four Nested Levels of Responsibility Model for setting objectives, published several articles on coaching and is the co-author of a book on project management called Managing Projects.

Using challenging and thought-provoking processes, Irina works with individuals and teams to bring them to their next level of performance.

Irina travels the world facilitating workshops and leadership retreats, conducting trainings and individual coaching sessions. Her customized programs combine a systemic perspective with innovative tools in order to achieve desired and visible outcomes.

Making teams work. Through you.

Andreea Cimpoesu


All my life I‘ve had huge faith in people. I believe trust is not to be earned, but to be offered. It is only up to us to choose to live the wholehearted life we all deserve to live and I believe we all have the necessary resources within ourselves to do it. Until some time ago, I was only dreaming to such a way of living my life. Now, here I am – after 200 hours of therapy and other 200 hours of specific training in coaching, I finally took a leap of faith. I realized that 15 years as a business professional are enough and, more than that, these years will fully contribute to live my “now-defined” mission: accompanying others with all I have in their courageous endeavor to look straight within their own selves, to accept and to (re)create themselves, with a final aim in living an authentic life, liberated by all coverings.

With a background in cybernetics, I have an MBA degree from Central European University and I am now on the ICF Associated Certified Coach certification path. I have always worked with teams, encouraging my team mates to develop, to find their path both in work and life. Looking back, it seems I am doing coaching for long ago.

The type of coaching I practice is transformational, focused on building the skills and capabilities that help the client perform effectively and coherently in any circumstances. Through transformational coaching my client is guided to individually find his own path towards what he can and wants to become. I walk my clients to reach their own definitions and identify new perspectives. In a non-judgmental relationship, making use of the right words in the right moment, I am beside my client with an open heart and mind. I am very privileged with the clients I have worked with, getting a lot of insights, helping me become better and better with each session.

meet the

wannabie Coaches

not part of the ICF partnership
Senior Manager & Coach

Gabriel Manole


Open networker, I have been challenging my limits all the time to do move forward and open my perspectives. I am looking forward to find solutions and not in the past to find guilty persons.I believe that everyone has hidden resources he/she is not using fully. It is always about learning, self confidence, focus or believing in others. As we are living in a world of disruptions (beware, buzzword!), my goal would be to support you in your disruptions


Laura Birhala


Starting more than 10 years ago Laura is involved in building local communities. She was part as HR partner in the ramp up phases for several companies. She learned about building a sustainable organisational culture and about creating contexts for people growth.

Laura is trained in NLP and works with different people to help them progress on their short and long term goals.

Senior Manager / Coach

Dragos Bohotineanu


Working for more than 13 years in a company, having various roles in the organization, I have found that what skills, behavior brought me to a certain point didn’t take me further in the new role, thus I am always looking for opportunities to redefine myself for further personal development while still being genuine. These days I am highly focused on changing my perspective of the situations that occur in my environment to be able see the opportunities and the way forward. Personal effectiveness and efficiency is also in my focus, having in mind the goal to perform daily the activities that produce the results I want to achieve having in mind the goal to “don’t touch things twice” in all areas (decisions, emails, task execution, etc.).

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