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May 3-4

Practical experiences of business and leadership in workshops

October 18, 2015by gabi0AudioVideo

Practical experiences of business and leadership in workshops

October 18, 2015 by gabi0

Every leader has to prove himself strong, able to cope with challenges, admit his weaknesses, while he also focused to learn and practice how to constantly improve his skill-set. With our proposal of workshops, we are aiming to bring a glimpse into valuable leadership and business practices. While not being exhaustive, the experiences give the change to learn, fail and improve in a safe environment. Look to a condensed pill of leadership and not an exhaustive training that will cover all the aspects of the proposed topic.

Business practice workshops

SaaS Execution Map

Brought to you by Thinslices

Workshop based on the practical Business Canvas designed to take uncertainty out of your Digital Product Development

More details to come…


Brought to you by Evolutiv Consultants Network

Fast forward experience focused on Spectrum of topics regarding “leadership” (motivation, delegation, etc.) and Entrepreneurial resource management (in particular “time”)

More details to come…

Leadership practice workshops

Systemic Coaching Skills for Managers

brought to you by humans Coaching

Developing essential skills to find solutions on the day to day challenges, faster and with less effort..

More details to come…

Leverage your power to influence

brought to you by Edurom

Leverage knowledge of power to enhance the leadership effectiveness

Understand personal and position power and how each can be used to effectively influence others

More details to come…

Engage and Mobilize Employees

brought to you by Daiana Stoicescu / Dana-Maria Andrei

The workshop will involve the participants in a very enjoyable dialogue where you can learn simple strategies that deliver remarkable results. Engagement of employees could make the difference between an extremely successful business and a below average business. Take with you easy to apply practices.

More details to come…

Blue leadership pills

brought to you by Dan Mocanu

Take away leadership lessons combined with Blue Ocean strategy principles

More details to come…


brought to  you by Evolutiv Consultants Network

Systemic effects of decisions (team member – total team – organization)

Staff appraisals (feedback, development, severance discussions etc.), motivation, team structures (indicators) etc.

More details to come…

5 Voices

brought to you by GIANT (Toby Bassford)

Everyone Speaks. Not Everyone is heard. Let people use their natural leadership voice

SaaS Execution Map

Brought to you by Thinslices


More details to come…

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